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Meet Us at Licensing Expo Vegas! Exclusive Lifestyle Licenses

Get in touch for more information or to book an appointment. Maria & Kirsty

Benefits of Lifestyle Licenses

Basic advantages:

  • Competitive edge by differentiating
  • No release date time constraints
  • Wide target audience of consumers
  • Buyers are requesting alternatives
  • Long-term solid sales
  • Global/Multi-territory rights
  • Fast and effective process
  • Commercially minded agents and brand owners

Food & Lifestyle Brand Launch

The Camden Collection 

First time launch of food & lifestyle brand The Camden Collection at Licensing Expo Vegas 2019. 

The essence of the brand has its base in award winning food and lifestyle photography from the Camden, London based photographic studio. 

The brand’s initial launch focuses on food and will subsequently lead on to include floral, hearts and shells. The license offers assets of top class photography married with premium quality style guides resulting in international appeal with a British, Camden twist.

The Camden Collection hopes to attract gifting, kitchenware and homeware licensees to develop product for sale in the US, UK and Europe at Expo 2019.

"Food is everything. Lifestyle, fashion and design. We have high hopes for the launch of this new food and home lifestyle brand.” Maria Strid - Art Ask Agency.

Book a meeting with Art Ask Agency in F154, to get all the details on this new food & lifestyle license and review style guide assets.

iStyle™originals - Lifestyle for Life 

iStyle™originals. is the essence of self expression in this digital age. It gives regular people like us, a unique way to tell people a little something about ourselves.

Whether you iRock, you iParty or are sweeter than iCandy, iStyle™originals. has a design and a slogan for you. Created in Canada for the outgoing trendsetter around the World.

With a variety of long term licensees in different territories and a style guide full of assets, iStyle™originals. is a guaranteed success.

Meet up with us at Licensing Expo 2019.

Booth F154 (behind The Brand Liaison).

Looking forward to seeing you.

Get in touch for more information or to book an appointment. Maria & Kirsty

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